Artistic Standards

By AlephLabs 8 years ago

Publication: In Design Magazine
Date: 5th November 2014

With its beautiful composition of textures and tones, this home channels a rather contemporary approach, offering a personal touch of ease and luxury.

Spread across 1856 square feet, this show unit that includes a private lift lobby welcomes visitors with a sensual space of mainly warm greys, blacks and whites. A clean-cut sofa and an ottoman in plain one-coloured fabric ground the living area with a welcoming tone. Director’s chairs placed side by side add a touch of quirkiness and fun to the living space. Even in the dining area, paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist give a pretty backdrop to the space. A simple round table paired with contemporary wooden chairs add a warm flair to the area as well.

As you head to the bedrooms, the concept of these rooms is almost similar to each other. A neutral grayish palette with wooden racks and black frames becomes the main structure of the bedrooms. And because the layout of this show unit showcases huge spaces for storage and wardrobe, the designer incorporated similar racking system for cohesiveness. The open concept of these shelves gives a contemporary vibe while looking current and trendy. Clever use of artworks also brings out the individuality of the interiors while injecting a fun and interesting flavour altogether.

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